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Waiting for Curry

Four friends: two couples, and a lot of history.

The wine flows as they wait for their takeaway, they start catching up, as friends do – but there is something different about tonight.

Private thoughts start spilling over into polite conversation and suddenly they are sharing far more than they intended: longings, jealousies, and a secret past.

It’s an evening that changes them and their friendships forever.


(L to R) Susanne Crosby, Matt Grief, Alex Louise, Alexander Bond

Twilight Theatre premiered the acclaimed comedy drama Waiting for Curry  by award winning Brighton based playwright Susanne Crosby to Hove Grown Festival in 2017. It went on to receive huge popular and critical success in the Brighton Fringe Festival 2018 with sold out shows and two extra performances due to demand. We were invited by the Kings Head Theatre in London to perform it there in January 2019.


"Waiting for Curry" was a surprise hit at the Brighton Fringe in May 2018, so much so that we were invited to put on extra performances due to shows selling out. A popular hit with audiences was also a critical success, Fringe Review called it "excellent" and "highly recommended", Meridian FM gave it 5 stars. 

London Calling  When the Kings Head Theatre invited us to perform it at their prestigious venue we were over the moon. Of course we said yes. But the reality of taking it there is dawning on us that there are so many expenses and we have reached the limit of our own pockets, putting everything into it. 

Money Raised  We have the professional talented actors. We have the theatre. We have the hit play. We need a little help to get us there so we're not financially broken before we even start. 

The money raised will be to put this production on. We hope that this will be the blossoming of a great theatrical future which will give back to audiences with other plays and ideas that we have. 

Curry Future...  If what we wish for comes true - that it gets picked up by more theatres that would like us to put it on, we would like to be able to say yes, and take it on tour: our stretch target will help us achieve this.

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