Richard and Liz are celebrating their 30th – Pearl – Wedding anniversary, looking at snapshots which bring their memories to life for everyone. But this year, Liz finds a long forgotten photo and remembers something they have not shared beforeā€¦ what is it that she does not want to remember? What will happen after this revelation? Will they overcome this, or will it destroy them?

“Pearl” was second in the programme of one-act plays by the Southwick Players, performed at the Barn Theatre, Southwick.

Audience Feedback

“I thought your act was brilliant… The contrasts in characters was lovely to watch. Well cast” Mr O, Southwick

“Well done Sus! Some sobbing their eyes out behind me” Ms L, Eastbourne

“Brilliant performance. A wonderful mix of plays that really tugged at different emotions… Well done everyone” Mr C, Brighton

“Congratulations to all the one acts. Great night, great perfomances. Enjoyed it all” Mrs C, Brighton

“Well done, Susanne, your play was so moving, I wept buckets” Mrs L, Brighton

“Thank you Sus for a lovely evening your play was very emotional and clever, well done” Mrs N, Bournmouth