The Session

Part of the Hove Grown Festival 2018

Two people in a locked room with one chair. One doctor, one patient – or are they? And who is who? Part thriller, part humour: they try to unravel what’s going on. Each tries to gain the upper hand through banter and even bickering, as if they are married. Sometimes witty; sometimes poignant; always surprising.


James Roy at Meridian FM – 4 stars

Audience Feedback:

“Well done … for a fabulous performance and Suse Crosby for another brilliant play”    “It gets the old grey matter thinking. One not to miss. Written by the amazing Suse Crosby.”     “Excellent twist, didn’t guess the ending… all cast very good.”     “Loved it, very tense. Loved the twist. Wonderful writing.”    “Loved it”     “Cleverly written, brilliantly performed”      “What an amazing fantastic performance! A brilliantly written script and a very very talented cast”     “It was fantastic. Gripping, funny, poignant.”     “Really enjoyed the twist”     “Brilliantly written”