The Spark

Mark is recovering from an injury in his girlfriend’s home, and is bored. Sweet and kind Nicki buys him a present: a pen, to inspire him to start writing again. And as he does, she starts experiencing strange happenings, and both of their lives start unravelling… is Mark disappearing into his world of fiction and his vicious main character, or is Nicki losing her mind?

“The Spark” is an adapted full version of the short one act play: “The Spark That Lights the Fire”, which was performed as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2004 to glowing praise from audiences. Produced by CAM Productions.

Audience Feedback:

“Brilliant show! Great building of tension, I was on the edge of my seat in the second half. Very powerful stuff”

“[Andy, as Mark] – fantastically creepy, we were actually scared! Seriously brilliant”

“It was great. I loved it! [Andy, as Mark] plays the sinister villain scarily well”

“Another great production last night following on from the one we saw at the Hailsham Pavilion a couple of years back… superbly acted and written.”

“The most inventive piece of Theatre I’ve ever seen”

“scared the Beejeezes out of me”

“Well done everyone in The Spark… David [as Mike]…. you creeped us out!”

“the show was AMAZING! You were all brilliant”

“Wow! Fab play excellent! Tell ‘mark’ actor he was really good will u? …a tear at end”

“Well done everyone …absolutely brilliant, you’re all so brave with all that dialogue in such close proximity to the audience. David Aitchison, you properly scared the holy bejeeezus out of me…. and thank you Susanne Crosby and Steve for the light hearted moments… Lovely work Suuuuz”

“The play was fantastic”

“Well done Susanne and the cast for ‘The Spark’. Great evening, great play.”

“Very nice little twist at the end… eeeek #tooscaredtogotobed!”

“Just had a fab evening watching some amazing and very talented friends in ‘The Spark’ at The Little Theatre in Eastbourne. Huge congratulations to everyone involved… great performance.”

“I’ve never seen a ‘production’ before, the shouting bits made me jump a lot, the cat bit was very creepy!!”

“It was brilliant”

“I can’t express how much of an amazing actress you [Sarah, as Nicki] are. Supported by a fantastic cast (of course!)… I’m never buying anybody a pen!”

“brilliant concept – on the edge of my seat”

“Very enjoyable and quite creepy”

“Absolutely fantastic!”

“What a fab performance! … Great plot and very believable characters. Can’t wait till the next one – well done all”

“Well written, well acted, very enjoyable. Excellent characterisation”

“Well cast, good characterisations. Play is gripping and tension is mounting… Great plot, nice twist at the end – Great ent


“Superb, really great performances from you all. Loved it.”

“Good acting, great twist at the end”

“Very natural dialogue, just like being in the front room with the characters.”

“Fantastic show, brilliantly done and brilliantly acted. Well done everyone.”

“Fab show, very gripping storyline with elements of comedy among the darkness. Show also has a good pace and flow.”

“Interesting plot and believable acting”

“Really enjoying this very engaging production… Fabulous dark plot and creepy storyline”

“Very good, kept us in suspense until the very end”

“Excellent production and a really believable story. Didn’t know Sarah could scream like that!! Well done to all”

“Very good. Enjoyed it.”

“Mark was very creepy!! Sinister.”


“1/2 time: already into the plot… trying to solve it! Great cast and great story. Well done.”

“intriguing sinister – at the interval, totally unsure which way it is going – is he innocent or a mass murderer, or is it the brother or is Nicki just bonkers?”

“Play is excellent. The ‘writer’ shows his character well. The script flows well”