The Session – mid run

“The Session” has been a big hit with audiences and critics. It’s the huge success we knew it would be. Thanks to the super talented cast and the really responsive audiences. It’s so fantastic to see the fruits of our labours being enjoyed!

So, we are mid way through the run, 2 nights performed, 2 to go. It’s been challenging getting people out over the long Easter weekend, but the audiences have loved that they made that choice.

Trying to work out which is the doctor and which is the patient has been fascinating for the audiences. Sometimes, just when you think you’ve worked it out, something else happens to make you doubt your decision…

(left to right) Alex Bond, Alex Louise, and Kevin Cherry

Audience feedback so far:

“Loved it!”

“fantastic… so much so that I’m going again tonight”

“Great play”

“Loved it, very tense… wonderful writing”

“fab night”


“What an amazing, fantastic performance! A brilliantly written script and a very very talented cast. The venue really lends itself to this play and you are completely drawn in to everything happening on the stage. This is an absolute Must-See for everyone, I guarantee you will be glad you did.”

“I watched this little gem last night. It gets the old grey matter thinking. One not to miss. Written by the amazing Suse Crosby”

James Roy, from Meridian FM: “Wow. Cleverly written, brilliantly performed. “The Session” at the lovely intimate Sweet Dukebox Theatre. Get fully immersed in the action whilst trying to work out who is the Doctor and who is the Patient!”